Air your troubles, get a fresh insight. Walk and talk. You don't need a physchologist, you just need a listening ear. You don't need a shrink, just an objective listen...
Fresh Air Listening Ear
1 hr
If you enjoy the outdoors, this class is for you! We meet in the Kiro Yoga Garden or in the peaceful shady studio garden. Join me for one hour of (weather permitting) p...
Farm Fresh Yoga
1 hr
Mon, Wed

What ever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure...    #biblicalmeditation   .... whatever is lovely whatever is admirable, if anything is praiseworthy ---

think about such things.

See I am doing a new thing, forget the past. Do you not now percieve it?  Isaiah 43:19


Kimberly  Hall

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In the last 4-5 years that I have been attending exercise class (Move) with Kim leading I have found I am better fit to do my yard work without getting sore even on the first initial days of getting out after winter is over! She helps me keep my core strong!

An added bonus is being able to exercise with music that is uplifting and with other women of faith who encourage one another. Kim you are a blessing to all!



—  Rhoda Lehman

Never Never Give Up!
Building Strengths, Spirit, Soul, and Body

Everyone wants to feel good.  That's what fitness is about for me. 


I love motivating and training others to become their best especially in the areas of health and wellness.  When I was 19 I began working out at the Apollo Diana Health Spa.  The trainers there asked me if I wanted a job and of course I said yes!  There I received the best training ever under 1969 Mr. America, John DeCola,  owner of the Apollo Diana Health Spa.  I've been training and learning ever since. 

My certifications are with ACE, AAAI-ISMA,  ACE Personal Fitness Trainer, Orthopedic Fitness Specialist, Self Myofascial Release.  Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Yoga Pilates, Mat Pilates, Aquatic Kick Box, Tai Chi  Barre. 3X3 FIT. 

In addition I serve as a PCCI trained Life Coach and Strengths Champion Certified Coach, coaching for health, Spirit, Soul and Body.

I owned and operated KimFIT Studio for 14 years in Waynesboro.  I love bringing people together to find their strength and stability while refreshing their energy and relieving their stress.   Personal Fitness Training is rewarding as I work with a wide variety of fitness levels and goals.  My client's goals include general fitness, weight loss, strength for sports, and I especially enjoy helping those seeking to manage their fitness level while lessening pain from back or joint issues.

As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist I help others minimize pain and improve fitness levels from back and joint problems.  I understand serious and debilitating pain. Because of my own experience with debilitating pain and 2 back surgeries, I know how others feel and how easy it would be to just give in and give up. I also understand that the healing process takes time.  With guidance, returning to a strong, energetic condition is in reach.  I'm here to help you whether it's back, shoulder, or knees.  We can work together to feel good, look good and be fit.

When requested, I enjoy sharing biblical meditation while moving our bodies. As we feed our spirits, we heal our souls, which is our mind, will, and emotions, that in turn heals our bodies.  We are inside out people and I want to share that with others by way of coaching, training, group sessions, and on line training.

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